Keep-all and Speedy without upside down logos?

  1. :confused1:

    I am no LV-guru but I thought I knew something for sure. That the keep-all and speedy should always be made from one big piece of leather and hence making the logos on the "back" upside down.
    But I just read on a swedish forum about authentic items that there are in fact both speedys and keepalls that come with some form of "extra bottom", not made in one piece and then with upright logos on both sides.
    Could someone please confirm this? I've never heard of it before......

    TIA! Its good to know what the real deal really is!
  2. My authentic vintage speedy has upright monogram on both sides. It meets underneath the bag with a strip of leather that runs the length of the bottom of the bag.
  3. The only style I can relate that too is the commissoned French Luggage & Co pieces where the speedies had upright LV's on both sides ..

    EDIT: Exactly how Rockst@r is describing.