Keep all 50 or 55 , preloved or new?

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  1. Hi I have a chance to get a keep all but I really won't I don't know if I'm going to get the 50 or the 55 it would be for a carry-on on the airplane or just for a weekend bag. I definitely want to make sure that I got the right size I have the chance to get a pre-loved keep all 50 with straps and everything for $800. is it worth it or should I just buy a new one please give me advice! Xx ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398005368.931965.jpg
  2. I have a 50w/o strap and a 55 with strap. The 55 seems like a small difference but that 5cm really helps when I need to take shoes/boots. The 50 is great for easy weekends.
  3. I'd get the 55. When packing, every bit of room helps. I have had both sizes and it really seemed to make a difference, the 50 was a little too small for me.

  4. Do you think I should buy the 50 with strap preloved for 800? Or new

  5. The 50 is now $1740 plus tax so that less than half price - seems like a great deal assuming the condition is acceptable. I'd say go for it! I'd take the money you would save and get some great accessories like a passport cover and a shawl
  6. Get the preloved - as long as it's authentic, that's an great price:smile:
  7. Always buy new never preloved.
  8. The 55! That extra room helps for shoes!! Sometimes I wish I purchased used, but I wanted to make sure the previous owner didn't have foul smelling odors so I purchased new... Also this may be silly? But I wanted my keepall to share my history of travels :smile:

    55 fits in the overhead of a plane. The strap is a must!!!
  9. Nothing wrong with buying pre-loved. Just be sure to check the pictures and descriptions thoroughly. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask the seller, even for more pictures. It is your right. And I agree with @clu13, with the money you'll save from buying a great pre-loved than brand new, you will be able to buy some nice accessories to use with the keepall. GL dear! :smile:

  10. If ur getting a monogram keepall, definitely get preloved. they don't hold their value very well and ebay is flooded with authentic ones for cheap.
    Damier Ebene, graphite, macassar, basically any keepall without vachetta is going to be expensive preloved, so in that case buy new. But I would rather have it without vachetta becuse it will be on the floor in airports and wherever else where it will stain

  11. (I just sold my monogram keepall 55 with strap on Craigslist for $530 and was happy to get that. It was in good condition. You can find great deals on them!)
  12. Why don't they hold value? I've seen some in very good condition for under $400!
  13. pre own should do, i got mine from *bay for $300,,, from japan

  14. Bc vachetta stains. It's not as desirable on a large luggage piece which will get stains no matter what, in my opinion
  15. Interesting. Would you say they are less desirable than preloved Speedy's? (Speedies? What is the plural of Speedy? haha)