Keen on Mahina XL crean bag


Jul 25, 2008
Have you actually tried the bag in person because the bag is very heavy. My sister-in-law sold her mahina because she said it felt like carry a sack of potatoes.

I am very keen on the louis vuitton mahina XL handbag? Is there any shop sell it with the discounts?



nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
You can try eBay, consignment shops or waiting until there's a promotion involving GCs back at department stores with LV counters inside. Louis Vuitton never has sales.. :sad:


Oct 17, 2007
Atlanta, GA USA
I LOVE the Mahina XL. I went to the boutique and tried the XL, XXL and Denim XL. I love the bags to death...and have stayed away because of the high price and limited colors available. I have been buying bags like crazy the last few months and need to wait for this one, but I am not keen on the black leather. It's not blingy enough for me in that the XL monograms are not visible and in the gris and white may get damaged too easily and show wear. For the price, the bags needs to be indestructable.

I did not think they were that heavy at all. Big, yes..but I love big bags. The XXL can fit a small child.

The denim is obviously the lightest and is so hot! That's my favorite one - I just wish they would bring this bag out with more color options.