Keeks at Collin Creek Mall in TX

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  1. Has anyone heard of this store? Is it legit? The bags in there look really good and the store says that they are a resale store. Has anyone bought/resold bags there?
  2. I've purchased several bags at Keeks. They actually obtain authentication certificates and guarantee authenticity. Some bags are gently used but the 3 I've bought still had tags on them. I've purchased 2 Brahmins and 1 Michael Kors, all new and around half price.
  3. Some more info about them...

    Established in 2010

    Mark Kane has been in the buy/sell/trade game for a long time. The brains behind CD Warehouse, Movie Trading Company, and EntertainMart, Kane decided to switch gears in 2010, trying his hand at something completely different, purses, while sticking to his buy/sell/trade guns. The result: Keeks. Kane's more feminine brainchild applies his successful buy/sell/trade concept to a more high-end market, one that could use a markdown or two.
  4. AH YAY I am glad to hear that (drhamm). I will be bringing by a few that I don't use anymore. I didn't know they're in Plano, just right down the street from me!