Keanu's Dinner Date

  1. Keanu Reeves was spotted dining with his girlfriend (?) at the ArcLight Hollywood yesterday afternoon (located at 6360 W. Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90026). He even took the time to take pictures with fans during his dinner date (inset). Keanu's animated film A Scanner Darkly -- Richard Linklater’s animated drug surveillance saga -- has only pulled in $4 million while the movie's budget is an estimated $8.5 million. More pictures in the gallery!
  2. He doesn't look too happy in the pic with fans.
  3. And look at her hair! She looks like she just woke up and left the house without even looking in the mirror!!!
  4. Poor guy, didnt his previous girlfriend die?
  5. He looks shot!
  6. well...I think they both need shower..I like rugged look sometime but both of them seem so messy
  7. No, haha, he doesn't seem happy at all. I guess it's a weird situation. You owe it to your fans to take a pic w/ them because they supported you through all these years. But, it's also your personal time with your significant other, so it can be annoying w/ so many interruptions.
  8. Wow, if I were still single, I would happily volunteer to date him. I can't believe it, is that really his girlfriend?
    Please pardon me-I am shallowly obsessing!
  9. i love him...
  10. Yikes.... his lady friend looks rough. I usually end up looking rough by the end of the day, but I'm not famous :amuse:
  11. he doesnt look happy
  12. that's his girlfriend ? Looks more like his mother or something..she looks like a mess.
  13. There are a million places to hang out in the LA area. If a celeb does not want to be photographed or bothered, they shouldn't be right in the heart of tourist town like he is - he is right on the sunset strip next to the Cinerama Dome which they turned into some sort of shopping mall. That whole area is packed to the gills with tourists. IMO when celebs hang out in that area, they WANT to be photographed. Don't get me wrong, I've met the guy and he is incredibly sweet. It just surprises me that he looks so annoyed.
  14. I think any one of us looks better than her. Why didn't she dress up a bit? I mean, at least dress clean and all.
  15. I can't agree with that. I think he should be free to go anywhere and not have to deal with that all the time. Paparazzi can get a little ridiculous at times and so can some fans.

    I agree with the person who said that woman looks like his mother. She really does. And he isn't looking too hot these days. I miss the days when he looked like he did in Speed. :love: He was delicious in that movie!