KDT - Need your help -

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  1. congrats, Baja. I love your KDT in black with palladium.

    I have one in white and one in chocolate and I'm craving a black one too :P and maybe also an orange one. And my dream KDT would be a rose shocking with palladium hardware :heart:
  2. Thank you so much Butterfly - I love my KDT - Unfortunatly I tried the Orange but does'nt fit on me - so for the 1st one I choose the classical black - Sure Rose shocking would be gorgeous - How lucky you are to have the white one so nice :flowers::flowers:

    Sure it is the first one but not the last one ....
  3. [​IMG]
    Lovely, congratulations!
  4. Baja - Your new KDT is beautiful!! You can't go wrong with the classic, basic black!! :tup::tup:

    And it looks gorgeous with your red scarf!
  5. I ordered this from a family member in paris..black swift with gold hardware!
    cant wait to wear it next week!:smile:
    have also ordered a jige clutch in PM...given few colour preferences..i hope he is able to get it:smile:
  6. Hermès Nuttynut : Thank you :ty:

    ilovecocohanel !:ps:
  7. Rose : Thank you so much :flowers:
  8. That's a great KDT and a very cool picture! I have a 14.5 cm wrist and I was advised to get the XS. I didn't even know there was an XS. As predicted, the leather has stretched a bit (probably because of the weight from the cadena I usually attach).
  9. Four Tails : you're right - XS must be the good size for you - I took S and it fits me very well - some time for sure I will also put a cadenas - they are so cute