kazuyo nakano bags are adorable!

  1. Yesterday someone on the forum asked about the quality of kazuyo nakano's bags, so I dropped by the store to check them out. I met the designer and she was just as lovely as her bags.

    First off, the quality of the leather is amazing. Very soft and light weight. Some of the more structured bags are a tiny bit heavier.

    I attached photos of my favorites. As soon as I find the perfect black bag, I'm saving for one of these. Even the yellow and red spring bags look so cute with winter coats!
    Picture 2.jpg Picture 1.jpg Picture 3.jpg Picture 4.jpg Picture 5.jpg
  2. Looks great!! Love the style!!!!!
  3. i love this one:

  4. Me too!!!
  5. Nice looking wares! You're lucky to live in a city. Thanks for the pictures, the yellow bag is sweet.
  6. Me too. Like the white one.
  7. love them ALL !!! nice colors, nice size !!! gorgeous !!
  8. I love the white one! How much do they go for?
  9. Oh I like the white one too. Is there any online store that carry her bags?
  10. From her website, looks like you can order from the NY store by e-mail or phone. There is no mention of any other store carrying her products. I love the white Theodora :nuts:
  11. Thanks for the feedback, akmiller_98. Have been curious about her bags (I think heavensent posted about them many months ago) although I am not in a position to buy them. Glad to hear about the quality. Read that Ms Nakano's store has been around for many years, In the last few months, I have seen one or two of her bags on a couple of websites but not anymore.
  12. I actually loved the Nefertiti!
  13. WOW....I love her website....soooo adorable. I might have to start saving for one of these.....

  14. I asked her where else you can buy her bags, and she said she doesn't sell them wholesale in the states anymore, only in Japan. (I think they were once available at Bergdorf) I'm pretty sure you have to buy them directly from her. Here store used to be on mott street and moved to its current location a few years back.
  15. i recently checked that site out as well, and i DO love some of their bags! i had to run away real fast cuz i'm already in the hole from buyin pursies :shame: