Kazuyo Nakano Bag!

  1. I saw this gorgeous bag on the website. It's the Jacqueline JL381 and its just a beautiful shade of blue and the leather looks really nice. But i've really never seen any of these bags in person. Do any of you have a bag from this designer or have seen it on someone else? I just want to get some positive feedback before i order it! Thanks

  2. never heard of this designer but some of the bags look really cute. :biggrin:
  3. If they have a good return policy then order it. You can always return it.
  4. The bagas are all very stylish!
  5. I recently visited the store. The bags are of great quality and the leather is smooshy and soft, especially on the slouchier bags. Wonderful!
  6. Nice:yes:
  7. WOW! I LOVE the Jacqueline JL381 also! It's gorgeous. I think I would order this bag if I knew more about it. I would love to see it in chocolate, but the blue is absolutely wonderful.
  8. I have been lusting after the Jacqueline 380 in white. If you e-mail the store, they can send you more pictures if that'll help with your decision.
  9. I have a bag that I bought from her store in NY and I love it! The leather is very soft and smooshy with great design. And it has held up well to my abuse over the years.
  10. That's me!! (tnx Passerby) It is a very nice bag. She has the "Nefertiti" and it is a supple leather and rich color - a lot of bag (style/quality) for the price IMO.

    I've been eyeing one of their wallets for myself! Let us know if you go for it and I'd love to hear what you think! Good luck!