Kay's Excellent Adventure in NYC, including BalNY, subways, and bulls!

  1. My recent trip to NYC was even better than I imagined. Along with me on the trip were my DH, DD, her boyfriend, DS, and his girlfriend. Cassie, (DD), and I went to meet Slinks at her shop, and we had a great time there. Slinks is so beautiful and kind – I loved spending time with her! I also got to see her 02 fb black messenger – just gorgeous – along with her Bordeaux make-up. I now have added Bordeaux to my “must have” list. That color just does not do itself justice in photographs! We left Slinks “A,” and walked to Balenciaga NY. What a beautiful walk – we walked by some beautiful residences, and lots of nice shops. We ended up on a street that was pretty commercial, but still quite interesting. We passed the door of Comme des garcons – what a great door! Wow! Now to set the scene, Cassie is 17, and she usually carries a little Coach bag of some sort, or a small LV. But when we are traveling, or we are going out to dinner, she loves my Balenciaga pink metallic city. I don’t know why I call it “mine,” but I just can’t give her a Balenciaga – but I guess it really is hers by default at this point. Here she is on the subway with her boyfriend:


    O.K., you get the picture, right! Mr. Hip Hop, Cassie, my husband and me – we go into the TUNNEL – a long white tunnel – and there is a green rock at the end – what’s up with that rock? Then there is a little cave, with more weird rocks. I would really like to spruce up that place. They had a lot of the Fall/Winter clothes out – on sale….we wind our way around to the far end. I’m carrying my tomato GSH city. Here I am on a subway earlier w/tomato GSH city and wearing my Balenciaga turtleneck from this winter's collection:



    I ask a SA if Kim is available – she goes inside the DOOR, and Kim comes out. Kim is so sweet and nice. I introduce her to the cast of characters that I have brought along. She is quite charming, and doesn’t blink an eye! We chit chat for a minute, and then I ask to see some make-up clutches in blue – she brings out four make-up clutches in blue, and they are all beautiful. A PFer had asked me to check on what they had available in blue, and so I did that. I then asked to see any of the coin purses that they had in with the GSH. She brought out four – I chose a pale magenta w/GSH. She also brought out the electric blue GSH work. Quite beautiful, but I’m not a fan of that shade of blue. Then I notice someone looking at some RH coin purses. There was a caramel colored one that I really liked, and then I noticed another one – I spoke to the woman, and after chatting for a few minutes, we introduced ourselves to each other, and it was karenab! By this time, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, you have to remember, I’m looking at this stuff with DD, DH & Mr. Hip Hop. I also have this overwhelming urge to run through the DOOR. Employees are walking through the door and bringing out various handbags, accessories, and it is killing me. What lies beyond the door? I can just imagine that there are piles of handbags – are the handbags all in their dust covers? When you ask for a tomato city, do they pull the bag out of its cover, and then bring it out? Or do they just simply sort through a pile of bags, and pull it out? As I’m wondering these things, I notice that there is a slight commotion in front of some mirrors. A young woman is trying on handbags – she is trying on a light magenta first – she has spotted Cassie’s metallic city, and the young woman tells her mother that she wants one like Cassie’s. The SA tells the young woman that the pink metallic is not made anymore and it has long since been sold out. Young woman glares in our direction, specifically at Cassie. She doesn’t care at all about the beautiful light magenta first that she had been modeling in the mirrors!

    I sign the charge slip, and we leave. I am so overwhelmed that I forget to take the photo outside of Balenciaga – like Powder did. I loved Powder’s photo outside the door. So, this photo will have to do – I know it doesn’t have quite the same appeal – this was the day we were leaving, and our luggage was packed and waiting at the hotel. We were strolling around Battery Park – I had put everything into my weekender – it doesn’t match my black Theory jacket, but when I have my LV Pegasus, and the weekender is on top of it, it looks hot.


    ^^^I think it is a pretty funny photo! Hehehehe!

    Here are a few more:



  2. OMG this is brilliant!!!

    I was looking forward to your post. The 'statue' pic is hilarious. How the heck did you get he/she to do it??

    Great bumping into you at Balny - I knew I recognized your face from TPF!!
  3. What a great trip!! I really want to go too! Mr. Hip Hop is a funny name lol... The bull picture reminds me of that joke on Tommy Boy about checking out a t-bone and a butcher. Have a happy new year!! :smile:
  4. Glad you had such a wonderful time! Please post a pic of the Magenta SGH coin purse - I imagine that is a killer combo.

    I think if you had asked the young woman with her mom at BalNY what her name was, she would have replied "Veruca Salt".

    Speaking of salt, did you have a chance to go to A Salt and Battery??
  5. Haha....love those pics!!! What a great trip!!!!
  6. Woo-hoooo!!! I love being part of your NYC adventure, "K" lovelygarments :heart:!!!
    You are BRAVE letting that "statue" hold your bags. And the bull photo is brilliant! Glad you enjoyed the subway, it's very efficient and underrated by visitors ;)

  7. Karen, the entire family had a great time - what more could I ask for!
  8. thanks for sharing! sounds like such a fun trip. :smile: weren't you scared of mr. liberty getting green stuff on your bbags? love the pics...don't forget to post what you bought!
  9. LOL I like the part about that other girl staring your daughter down for the metallic pink bag! And that pic is HILARIOUS...whatever animal's butt you are covering...
  10. great report on your trip! It sounds like you really had an amazing time and got to meet some fabulous PFers to boot!! Love your tomato SGH and I totally wish I were your daughter :p
  11. I'll post photos of my two new coin purses in the next day or two. I bought the magenta SGH coin purse, and an 05 olive coin purse. They are both beautiful!

    Veruca Salt - OMG - that is the perfect description! I'll have to tell my daughter that.

    No, we didn't get to Salt & Battery - I didn't get to do one-half of everything that I wanted to do - I came back exhausted, happy, and today I woke up with one hell of a cold. Salt & Battery is on my list for next time. New York is one big town - I want to live there for three or four months - that would be a dream for me - to live there for an extended stretch of time so that I could visit museums at a leisurely pace, try restaurants, explore the parks and neighborhoods. One day........

  12. Mr. Hip Hop - he really is a sweet boy - he is kind and treats Cassie like a queen. I hope you are able to go to NYC soon! Hugs to you, and you have a happy new year!
  13. It's the Wall Street bull - there was a line to have a photo taken in the front with the bull, so I just went to the back. I also have one of me carressing his b*lls. Oh yeah, baby! Hehehehe! Yes, I made sure my Balenciaga is in that shot too!
  14. how cute! love your thread and what a great trip to ny! i miss ny. and i agree witht the others, i wanna see your coin purse.
  15. OMG!!!!!! That is HILARIOUS!