Kayla's Collection

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  1. Hello everyone.

    I am new to this site and have many pictures to take! For now, here is my Coach collection.... which existed before my Gucci obsession. :P

    I also posted three pairs of my Coach shoes, two bracelets, and one scarf.

    I love Coach, however, there is just TOO much of it out there/here, so I do not think this particular collection will grow any larger!

  2. Can wait to see ur gucci collection!:heart:
  3. nice collection
  4. Thanks girls! I hope to put up more pictures soon. :smile:
  5. I love those pink sneakers!
  6. Thank you Tracy, I love them too! Not to mention they are so so comfortable and definitely grab people's attention!:heart:
  7. Very cute collection!
  8. Why thank you SweetPurple, you have a lovely collection too!
  9. I love your pink sneakers!!! So cheerful!!

    Thanks for sharing!!
  10. I will be taking individual pictures soon and I will add my Dooney & Bourke, Chanel, Juicy, and Gucci! I also forgot to mention that I did not own any designer bags until March 2008. I have always loved handbags and fashion, however, let's just say I have recently started appreciating the finer things in life. :heart:
  11. And thank you for the comments Pink Daisy! I appreciate your kind words. :tup:
  12. Cute Stuff!
  13. cant wait to see the rest of your stuff & welcome to tpf :yahoo:
  14. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Great collection :tup:. Thanks for sharing.