Kayla's Bag Collection!!!!! <3

  1. So here is my little handbag collection! I know it's nothing compared to all of these amazing collections that people have... but I'm working on it lol. I started collecting 2 years ago in 10th grade, and am into more premier designers this year. I'm really into Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga right now, but I started out really into Juicy Couture and Dooney & Bourke. Again, I know this is nothing compared to everyone elses but enjoy! :heart:

    The bags below (in the order I purchased got them):
    - Coach red leather bag
    - Juicy Couture blue velour demi
    - Dooney & Bourke hearts barrel bag
    - Juicy Couture pink daydreamer
    - Cuffz by Linz silver handcuff bag
    - Longchamp brown bag with flowers
    - Dior black saddle bag
    - Balenciaga white city bag
    - Chanel Cambon wallet
    - Balenciaga black classique bag
    - Betsey Johnson metallic clutch
    - Louis Vuitton damier Illovo PM
    - Louis Vuitton mono speedy 25

  2. You have a Great collection!!
  3. Great collection! Love the Chanel wallet. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Lovely collection :smile: thanks for sharing!
  5. great collection, love the speedy, chanel and Juicy
  6. Nice Collection!
  7. You have a very diverse and fun collection! Everything is so cute!
  8. Lovely collection!
  9. ooh what a cute bag collection! that metallic clutch is sooooooooooooo gorgeous. i want i want:drool:
  10. Very nice!!!
  11. Great collection!
  12. Very nice collection- love the chanel wallet and the dior saddle
  13. beautiful love your chanel wallet and LV damier
    ! beautiful!
  14. Awww thanks everyone! :heart:
  15. Great collection

    Love your white city and chanel purse