Kaye's Collection

  1. So... I finally got off my heiney and decided to take pictures of my collection. :smile:

    I don't have much but I love each and every piece with all my heart! :*)

    1) My complete collection

    and my favourites...

    2) Louis collection
    3) I love Longchamp!
    4) Bottega Veneta large woven hobo!

    My current wishlist:
    1) Balenciaga Day in Black '06
    2) Louis Vuitton White MC Pochette Plate MM! Thanks to suzie w's post! :smile:

    Thanks for viewing! :heart:
    collection_2.jpg louis_2.jpg longchamp_2.jpg bottega_2.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Wow i love your Bottega Veneta! The colour is so beautiful and it looks very roomy too!
  4. Great collection, I love your Bottega Veneta, nice color!
  5. Wow, that was a quick reply!
    Thanks for posting it, Vlad! :smile:
  6. Thanks, ladies!
  7. lovely collection and similar to what others have said, that bottega is really pretty..
  8. Quite a variet you've got there. Love your black MC trouville!! oh and the tambourin, i love its strange shape!
  9. Ooooh I remember this from LJ, love the trouville ! :yes:
  10. Great collection.
  11. HI KAYE!!

    i loveee your collection, especially that BV. yumm!
  12. i luv Bottega and black MC trouville!!
  13. hey gorgeous bags! thought you didnt have a bag collection though :P
    nah seriosuly its brill
  14. You have a beautiful collection! Love your Black MC Trouville!:heart:
  15. Love the Bottega! Very nice collection.