Katyman's humble collection..

  1. Guys,

    After looking at the collections here I feel a bit shy showing my relatively small collection. Anyway here they are...
    DSC01333.jpg DSC01334.jpg DSC01335.jpg DSC01336.jpg
  2. katy--thank you for sharing!:flowers: you have a lovely collection!:love:
  3. Gorgeous bags! Thanks for sharing your pix! :flowers:
  4. ooo i like the pink classic :love:
  5. they are all beautiful and your collection is bigger than mine-- i just started---

  6. You have beautiful bags.
  7. You have a beautiful collection...thanks for sharing.
  8. Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Beautiful collection. Enjoy...
  10. very nice!! i love the first one..so colorful and great for spring!
  11. Why be shy? You have a beautiful collection! Congrats.
  12. Very cool! And welcome to the forum ;).
  13. You have a lovely collection!! Four Chanels = fantastic!!
  14. Wow, those are great bags, I love the pink!
  15. Those are great, thank you for posting them! Welcome, you will love it here. The Chanel ladies are fantastic!