KatyC has a new H baby: dateline Paris Nov 20th

  1. After a week of anxiety, KatyC finally has her H baby, delivered this morning in Paris. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Mohter and baby are doing well.

    KatyC joins the ranks of other tPF'ers who have successfully adopted their H babies in Paris in recent weeks: Costa, Gina_B, Perja, Wongnumber.

    I am claiming godmother rights and I think the other godmothers of the H baby are Gina_B and Perja.

    KatyC will give full details later, as I think it will be unfair for me to spill the goodies. :P
  2. Woo and hoo!! :yahoo::drinkup::party::party::party::party::yahoo:

    Congrats katyc!!
  3. Woohoo! Congrats! I join the ranks of H-mummy-wannabe!
  4. :nuts::nuts::nuts:YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS, KATYC!!!

    Speaking as the adopted godmother: I can't wait to see those pics!!! :yes:

  5. Congratulations!!!!!
  6. OMG! This is what she has been waiting for!!!! Congratulations! And I was wondering where she has been the whole time! I am so so happy for you, katyc! I can't wait to see you back here and with photos of your new H baby too!:yahoo: :P :yahoo: :drinkup: :party:
  7. YAY!!!
    We need details!
  8. need more details and pics! congratulations! woohoo!
  9. WOOHOOOOO!!!! YES!!!!! Congratulations KATYC!!!! Can't wait for details and pictures.........
  10. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!! :yahoo:
  11. Katyc would be delighted to know how many well-wishes she's received.

    I'll text her to let her know....

    Thanks y'all for your congratulations. It was a trying week for her... But she's now ridiculously happy, and probably busy nuzzling up to her new baby now. LOL
  12. Always something to look forward to...

    Congrats - Can wait to see pics.
  13. ;) Congrats Katy! You are one very lucky gal! All your Birkins at home are eagerly awaiting the return of their baby sister. :heart:
  14. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  15. YEAH!!! Congrats!!! Cannot wait to find out the details!