Katy Travel Tote Question?

  1. Hi All! So ever since the Katy Travel Tote came out last year, I've REALLY wanted one because my name is Katy, even spelled the same, but I always thought it was too big. Now that they have the smaller tote version (I saw in the new catalog) coming out I have a few questions for you that have it or know those who do:

    -Is it difficult to own as in keeping clean?
    -Is it as cute in person as it seems on the catalog?
    -Any thoughts on if I could get this on the maybe/maybe not extended PCE?

    What are your thoughts on this? Worth obsessing over or no?

    Thanks girls!!!
  2. I ordered it last week and it should be here maybe tomorrow. (the smaller version of the Katy).
  3. Ooooh really??? That's too exciting!! If you could post pics when you get it, that would be awesome!
  4. i love this smaller version, but would have to see it modeled or in person to buy it
  5. I have the katy, and the smaller version looks cool in the catalog. Only thing I HATE about it and has kept me from ordering it since I saw the catalog is the way it has coach written all on it in small letters exactly the way the fake Katys for sale on eBay have it.
    It makes me wonder if coach modeled after the fakes because it seems they came out with it first.
  6. I noticed the same thing!!
  7. Did it appall you?
    I was actually taken aback by it.

    As for on topic:
    I don't have the small version, but I assume it's the same material as katy. I've only carried my katy twice and she already has a few snags, and marks on her. And I cannot tell you where they have come from. The 2 times I've carried her, I've actually went to the extent of putting her back in the dust bag while I'm in the car, in a restaurant, on a plane, etc. And still she got blemished. It upsets the sh*t out of me because I waited 3 months after buying her because I was so afraid she would get dirty, and she did. While my other bags, don't have a scratch on them, NONE of them.
  8. Totally appalled me. And, I'm super careful with my Katy too. I realized that though I love legacy stripe, it's so delicate and i'm just not at a place in life to have lots of delicate bags and accessories.
  9. Hi. Could someone please tell me the style # for the Katy? I'd like to see a pic of her!! :tup: Thanks
  10. Oh I thought the same thing about the small version of the Katy - I was disappointed with how similar it is to the fakes I have seen... I am torn on whether or not I want one. I really would love to have that size though...

    I have the large Katy tote from last year and I LOVE it. It really hasn't been hard to care for - I have been able to clean off a few dirt marks from the ivory stripe (using a baby wipe). I am VERY careful with my bags though so I try to pay attention to where I am putting it and what is around. I am mostly worried about pulling/snagging the satin. That would be pretty much "unrepairable" - is that the right word? :rolleyes: lol.

    Good Luck with your decision!
  11. Here is the Katy Tote:
    sorry for the large picture...
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  12. It's 10396 I believe.
  13. hmmm - you know I saw the comment about placing the Katy back in her dust cover... I never got one! She was purchased right at the Coach store too... I even went back to the store to ask if it should have had one and the SA told me it was too big for a duster and that the larger totes dont' come with them...

    I wonder if I can call the 800 number and ask for one?

  14. I really want one of the smaller totes but I've managed to snag the lining INSIDE of my legacy wristlet....so I think no legacy tote for me :sad:
  15. I bought in March and never used it so I decided to eBay mine. It was already snagged when I got it in March and I could never bring myself to get it out for fear of it getting dirty.