Katy is here!!!

  1. I can honestly say this bag is very very nice. Is it worth 645??? Nah but all in all I'm very happy. The bag has a deep eggplant color that looks brown from afar and pretty purple-ish in bright light. The front flap opens to reveal a nice sized pocket. The sides snap up and have a decent sized pocket on each side. The inside now has a dogleash clip for keys and a pen holder between the 2 pockets. The leather seems soft but durable. Looks classy and casual and the folded fronts look better in person. I am glad I chose this bag for Fall. I don't think I'd be interested in any other of the "suspender bags". Here's the pics!



  2. 2003_0106Image0005.JPG


  3. Wow Lexie it's great! I love the colour too! I wasn't sure about the new bags but this one is beautiful-your others will be jealous! lol :hrmm:
  4. Hey, Lexie.......just how heavy do you think the Katy is...? It looks heavy judging from the side pics.
  5. No No....it's very very lightweight. Lighter than most Koobas I have. Much lighter than a Sienna.
  6. Woo, hoo! That leather must be really buttery soft, then....!
  7. Very nice! I do like the eggplant color too.

    Rose, I picked up one of these at Nordstrom and gave it a good squeeze and I wouldn't say that the leather is butter soft. It's nice but it has a stronger, more durable feel to it. I would say that the sheen on the leather would give it added protection from rain.
  8. Beautiful color!
  9. WoW!! I Like I Like! I think the color is a wonderful color for Fall. Also I like the part that you wouldnt have to do the zipper up cause it has the flap with covered magnet, I usually leave my zipper open on most of my bags. You did Great:tup:
  10. Oh, it's gorgeous, Lexie! Now for the questions, lol:

    Does it fit well on the shoulder? Is the flap easy to manuever to get into the bag? And will we get a modeling pic soon? How does it compare to the Sienna in size?

    This bag is by far my fave of the collection (but would love to see the rest IRL) The color is fab, and will go with a lot of Fall/Winter colors. Congratulations on your newest addition!
  11. Fits fine on the shoulder but not alot of room under there. The flap is really nothing and inconsequential. It's just small and hides the pocket and zipper. Flaps over very easily. As far as comparing it to the Sienna. This is so different. The weight is miles apart and the amount it holds??? Maybe the same or the Katy holding more since it's kinda boxy and Satchel shaped.
    The color and leather are it's high points and the style grows on you the more you look at it.
  12. Lexie - what wonderful photos, you did a great job.

    I love the color, but am I the only one not feeling the love for this bag? It just doesn't excite me one bit, not as much as the older Kooba bags.

    I know, I must be old fashioned., but perhaps I might catch up with the trend and actually love it in a season or two's time. Give me time to adjust to suspender belt bags!

    I hope you love it Lexie, because that's what counts.
  13. do you think any of the other bags in this family have a longer strap drop? i hate when things are over my shoulder but not with a lot of room,,.,

    its very very pretty, shinier then i wish but really beautiful thanks lexie for the great pictures :smile:
  14. Ohhhhh I'm a sucker for purple. What a fabulous bag. I love it so. Modeling pics too?? :p
  15. Wow - love the color!

    Congrats and enjoy!!