Katrina victims sue US government for $3,014,170,389,176,410

  1. Is that even a real number? :shrugs:
  2. pffft i feel sorry for all of our katrina victims, but that is outrageous, our government cant control what the weather does.
  3. But they can control the funding that goes into properly building and maintaining the levees that protect the city.

    And that number represents one person that is filing a suit for 3 quadrillion and over 400,000 filing for their own amounts.
  4. Oh boy here we go. The weather didn't cause the flooding, the levies that broke caused the flood which IS the governments fault IMO. If they were built properly, it would of never happened. If I say anymore, its going to get political which is against forum rules.
  5. Yes they should have taken the responsibility to fixing that so when this stuff happens, they can minimize the damage, but these claims they are wanting are outrageous in my opinion. :shrugs: There are thousands of homeless people out there that arent because of a hurricane, what about them? Instead of trying to get every cent from the goverment they should be trying to move on and be thankful they are still alive. I know people that were katrina victims and they have moved away from that place and getting on with their lives, not trying to make the goverment do everything for them. But thats just me. Im sorry they lost their homes and everything, but look at all the money people have donated, and they still want more and more. Sorry i dont like greedy people, and some of these katrina victims are being greedy and not reasonable(yes i know they wont get even close to that but its the fact they asked for it). Im sorry if i offended anybody, but this is my opinion. They should step up and try to make their lives better and not only rely on the government. They aren't the only people in this country that are suffering for whatever reason.

    is this considered political? I will edit my message out if it is?
  6. that is absolutely ridiculous, even if [and i doubt 200% they will] they win that "money" the government will but the stakes back on them and tax HEAVY!
  7. This is ridiculous. I'd say more but I too don't want to get political.
  8. Hmm. Are these the same folks who used FEMA cards at Louis Vuitton? Methinks so.
  9. The government has soveriegn immunity- these suits aren't going anywhere.
  10. Something needs to be done. The poor maintenance of the levies and the lack of response should not have happened to anyone in the "richest country in the world".
  11. I have to say I pretty much agree with you here.

    I agree. There are two sides to this argument yes, but I feel too many rely on the government to save them or take care of them. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves.
  12. So a person who lost their run-down crackerbox house believes the government owes them a mansion? Give me a break!
  13. I sense a hint of classism here.
  14. And how do YOU personally know what kinds of homes these people lost? Insults aren't nice. They're offensive.