Katrin Leiber--anyone heard of her bags?

  1. A few months ago Lucky magazine said she is a handbag designer to watch and they had a photo of a gorgeous deep purple leather bag in the $800 range, I think. But apparently she doesn't sell in the USA. I just wondered if anyone is familiar with her designs. I don't know how to post pictures yet or I would put up the bag that I saw.

  2. I saw her bag in the Lucky magazine too and wanted it - it was gorgeous! I found a website where you can get her bags:


    The purple one is on there but I don't know how to put pictures in my post -- I'm not sure if you can buy from the States since the website is in French and my French is not very good.
  3. ^^^^thanks, pixie. My French isn't very good, either. It's been a long time since I had to use it!