Katie's new 'do, like it?

  1. I don't, it's too severe IMO, especially for her at her age:shrugs:

    Posted Nov 29th 2007 2:31PM by TMZ Staff

    Transformational robowife Katie Holmes has converted her Posh bob to this bangin' Anna Wintour 'do! The devil wears lifts in his shoes!
    The former Catholic wore some Christmas garland around her neck, while her elfin husbore accepted the Bambi award on Thursday. The Scientolostars were back in Deutschland, where Suri's dad has been shooting that Hitler movie. It is unknown if Suri was still being held in Germany.
  2. I think it suits her but I preffered her more laid back hairstyle before.
  3. ewww what did she do?? No I do not like it at all...looks like a wig...
  4. :weird: I don't like it. It makes her look so much older
  5. It doesn't look that good on her. I think it's a wig though.
  6. I love Katie, but I HATE this cut on her! I liked her shorter hair, but not with the bangs...Oh Katie, what did you do???
  7. I love it! But I'm partial to bangs:smile:
  8. I'm on the fence. I want to see how she looks with less makeup and this cut.
  9. even before i read the text I thought, oh no it's the anna wintour cut! and I agree that it looks like a wig, I feel like her hair was neither that full or that long in the front to begin with.
  10. hate, hate, hate...she was so beautiful with the previous haircut.stop looking like beckham please!
  11. I thought it made her look younger....

    I think I like it, but I have to see more pictures....
  12. I prefer her last cut better.
  13. how fun.....she's certainly more brave than I.......... I think she looks beautiful.
  14. looks like a wig:confused1:
  15. Nah I don't like the bangs, they don't suit her IMO.