Katie's Loubies! I want them!!!

  1. Okay, so how hot are Katie's Blue Patent Activas? I have seen them in Black, nude, white, and peacock (teal), but not yet in BLUE! I love these shoes! I ordered the Black Patent ones from the Barneys sale and sadly the run very narrow so I had to return them, and by then the next size up was out of stock. I wanted to keep them so bad even though my pinky toe was nearly popping out the side lol! My boyfriend said that would just be sad and desperate (i totally was haha) because they obviosuly didn't fit, so they went back :sad: But if you look closely, it looks like Katie's don't fit all that well either! Look at her pinky toe bulgeing a little at the side! Hehe must just be the style of the shoe....

    BTW, does anyone know where I can get this color? I was thinking of calling the CL boutique in BH to check....

  2. these are on sale in hot pink at NM right now:yes:
  3. ^wait, in store or online? if online, do you have a link?
  4. I saw them in store, Shops of Willowbend in Plano, TX on Saturday.
    I fondled them, they're gorgeous.
  5. :wtf::graucho: Mental note to visit Neiman's tomorrow! LOL
  6. word!
  7. Swanky, by any chance do you know how much they were?
  8. BTW, it seems Saks would price match Barney's in the colors Barney's put on sale, if you still want the black or whatnot. :yes:
  9. ohh it's not fair! why must she always have such hot shoes?! :drool:
  10. Yeah, I want them too..hehe!
  11. Those are soooo hot!
  12. no. . . I have no need for hot high heels so I stroked them and moved on! LOL!
  13. The activas with the cork soles were originally $740, barney's had them marked down to $440, and they may have been marked down again since then.

  14. Yeah, I bought the Black for $440, but they sold out completley before the second cut sale this week. However I guess if anyone returned a pair like I did then they would apply the new price...

    But would Saks really price match the Barneys sale price? They are sold out, so how would you prove it?
  15. thnx litigatrix!