Katie's geting spayed... any advice or comfort welcome!

  1. Hello, my little girl Katie (5 1/2 month old golden retriever) is getting spayed. I drop her off tomorrow with the animal hospital. I have always had boys.. they were always so easy! Anyone out there that could talk to me about the girl process? How much healing time and or pain their girl went through? I am not sure what to expect when I pick her up Friday. (She has to stay over night with the vet for observation. -- first night she will be away from home without a family member.) Will she be groggy? or scared? or hungry? or just plain happy to see me when I pick her up?

    And what kinds of things can I do to make her feel comfortable afterward? I am going to be home all day Fri, Sat, and Sun. Any tips or comforting would be amazing!! When do they bounce back to their personality like it never happened?

    Here are some pics of Katie or as we have nick-named her "Katie Pie a la Mode" She is such a peach... and such an amazing part of the family!! Even if she is beginning to thieve and eat lots of things (including: eye drop bottles, paper towel rolls, hunk of cheese, and the list goes on!)

    sm_0708240003.jpg sm_0708240006.jpg sm_0708240011.jpg sm_0708240013.jpg sm_0708240020.jpg
  2. Can't resist adding a few more pictures! Here is Katie at the beach (of the Hudson River.. not the one at an ocean). I love the last one where she is soaked and standing in front of the do not swim sign. :supacool:

    sm_0708240035.jpg sm_0708240042.jpg sm_0708240057.jpg
  3. Aw, Katie is a cutie! When we had our Shih Tzu spayed last year, the biggest issue when we brought her home from the vet was actually that she did not feel like taking it easy as the vet had instructed. Instead, she was her crazy, playful self and we had to try to restrict her activity since she didn't feel like following doctors orders. I was particularly nervous because my friends dog actually had opened the wound after she was spayed from too much activity. I would just try to encourage her to take it easy and maybe get her some chew things to keep her occupied and keep her from focusing her energies on licking the wound. We were told to not let our dog go up stairs for a few days, but that may not be an issue with your puppy since she is a much larger dog. Good luck to you and Katie!
  4. Hi! My Muffin got spayed a year ago.

    She's a cat, so I'm not sure if my advice applies to dogs, but the most important thing I found was to make sure she doesn't run around too much. After the drugs wear off, they feel as good as new and sometimes will tend to overexert themselves. Mine came close to busting her stitches open, so I had to confine her to one room for the week after in order to prevent this.

    Don't worry, it's a pretty safe procedure nowadays, and your baby will recover quickly! :smile: Hugs for both!
  5. When I had Kitten spayed, she was "out of it" for about a day, and then was pretty much back to her old self the next. But we kept one of those cone things around her neck as per vet's orders so she wouldn't get to the stitches. She hated the cone! In fact, on the 10th day when I came home from work and it was safe for her to have the cone off, imagine my surprise when she no longer was wearing it -- she managed to get it off herself!

    I'm sure that Katie will recover quickly, especially given her young age. Good luck!
  6. Has anyone had any issues with the surgery upsetting their "pee" routine. Not sure if it would make her pee in the house.

    Nervous about the stairs... I hope it is ok that she walks them. She sleeps upstairs normally .. but I guess if we need to, we can all sleep downstairs with her. Thanks for your help!
  7. I had my Boxer girl spayed at about 6 months old. She stayed overnight and when I picked her up the next day, she was as happy and as playful as ever! I had to put her in her kennel in the house to restrict her playing. I'd let her out for 15 or so min. at a time and then put her back in for a couple of hours. I only did that for one day though, the next day I let her go about her normal business except I didn't let her play outside at all. She was totally fine!
  8. Oh, I hate when they have to have procedures! But, this is good for her, greatly decreases the chance of pus in the uterus, mammary cancer, and so on. I made the vet discharge my doxie the same day as the surgery with the promise to bring her back early the next day. Why? Because there is no one there at night, and I have done this before so I knew I could keep her crated, give her a light dinner and pain meds. Not everyone wants to do that, but for me it was best. They must not take stairs until the stitches are out, no exceptions! Only short pee stops outside, no jumping. It will be a long week but once it is over all is good!
  9. No wonder you love Katie! She's so clearly a sweet girl! Rest assured you're doing the right thing by spaying her. I appreciate your concern (I've been there too), but veterenarians perform this procedure so often that it's virtually guaranteed to go okay.

    Hugs and kisses to you and Katie!
  10. Beautiful puppy.

    Though a spay is a complete OVH (ovariohysterectomy) dogs seem to hanle it much better than us! I'm sure the vet will use appropriate pain meds, and should send some home with you. A pup (large breed) will usually be "herself" 24-28 hours post-op. We close dogs in three layers, and it's VERY rare for one to open after surgery. If she does pee in the house, it will only be baecause she's too tired or confused to get outside (I use lots of morphine.)
    Maybe plan to spend part of a day with her watching movies! It will go great-don'y worry!
  11. Well you received the best advice already, so I don't need to add anything. Dogs do handle this much better than humans--she will be a little groggy, but our females never seemed to be in much discomfort.

    As Irishgal said, this is good for her longterm health--you are doing her a favor. It probably is hurting you more than it is her.

    She's adorable. *crossing fingers and toes for Katie* Everything will be fine.
  12. Theres nothing much u should worry abt IMO.. I had many dogs spayed b4. They had nv had any prob. Since Ur GR is stying the night at the Vet when she rets home the after effect of the anesthesia should have worn off.. Im sure she'd be playing like she used to.. And peeing like she used too.. We usually worry too much.. Good Luck!!
  13. Oh, how ADORABLE!!! So cute! When my cat got spayed a few years ago, the only thing I really noticed was she was tired for a few days following it. Also, since she doesn't like being at the vet and the vet knows that, our vet gave her stitches where she doesn't have to get them removed, I guess they dissolve, so she didn't have to wear a cone. And instead of her spending the night, she was able to come home with me and I was her 24 hour nurse, hehe. Your dog will be fine, and it will be over before you know it. Maybe buy her some toys or a new bed as a get well gift? Everything will be great!
  14. What a gorgeous puppy! And such an appropriate nick-name.

    I think the biggest challenge is getting them to not be too playful so as not to affect the wound, as everyone has mentioned.
  15. Thank you so much to everyone for their well wishes, comforting comments, and for sharing your experiences! I got a call yesterday at 2:20... which I had been waiting for ALL DAY! She had just finished surgery and everything looked good according to the nurse. <-- this was excellent news and put me at ease a bit.

    Then of course to come home after work DF and I were so empty inside without her bouncing around our feet. Funny how timing works out. Yesterday was DF and I's 1 month of being engaged. We tried our best to really celebrate each other, but man 'o man are we going to be happy to have Katie pie back with us!

    I have to wait till 9:15 to call and set a time for when I can go pick her up. I will probably be exercising till then to try and relieve some of the nervousness!!

    Again, thank you so much for your thoughts!!! I will post again as soon as I am home with Katie.