KatieLou07's Purses! check.it.ouuuut!!!

  1. I've bought all of these since the end of December 2006. My collection may be small, but I like to think it's grown exponentially :smile: Too bad I'm on major purse ban. Some are brand new from the boutiques, some are new off eBay, and some are previously loved from eBay (some were from tPFers!!!). All my non-boutiques have been authenticated by lover tPFers, so thanks for your help ;)

    This post is my group pic and my non-Louis.
    All Purses.JPG City Bbag.jpg Paddington.JPG Whisky color.JPG Spy Yum.jpg
  2. these are closeups of my louis :heart: serious thanks to the authenticators here for giving me the "go aheads" on most of these
    Azur Speedy.JPG Cabas.jpg Epi Jasmin.jpg LV small stuff.jpg Papillon 30 and mini.JPG
  3. Gorgeous bags! I love the red epi Jasmin... and the azur *drool*
  4. Wow... katielou, That is an awesome collection!:love:
  5. Great collection!
  6. Wonderful collection :biggrin:
  7. fab collection.
  8. yeah you have the same whiskey paddy as me.

    I am loving fendi spy bags too and yours is gorgeous
  9. Great collection!
  10. Love your LV collection! Thank you for sharing!
  11. Great collection!!!
  12. Nice bags!
  13. Great collection!
  14. great collection :love: congrats!
  15. love the epi jasmin *jealous*!!!