Katie, Tom & His Mini- Me

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  3. cute! it's nice seeing all 3 of them together
  4. cute family, all though i think jolie/pitt has a way cuter family.
  5. I think Suri is the image of her Dad.
  6. I do too. . . she's adorable! I think she looks like both, but favors Tom a lot!
  7. Gosh, Suri is just to cute. I love Pitt/Jolie but I'd have to go with Cruise for the best looking family.
  8. Beautiful pictures... love Katies sweater!! :heart:
  9. Suri is so adorable!!! I love her!
  10. awww adorable:love:
  11. She's SO cute!!!!
  12. she's an exact cross between them both! how sweet, they're really lovely, all of them:heart: i wish ppl would leave all the hurtful speculation and ******** away from that kid:sad:
  13. She looks just like him
  14. They look like a great family. I love Katie's outfit. It looks comfy yet stylish at the same time.
  15. Suri is just so cute - yep, like Katie's outfits always - no matter how weird he may be - they have great styling.