Katie Rides Rodeo Drive

  1. She looks really cute...the bag is cute, but don't think it matches that outfit...thought the same on Sienna. Both outfits would have looked so much better with black bags, or red...
  2. Wow, she sure has lost a lot of weight.
  3. Katie is looking more and more like Tom. Does the brainwashing include morphing too? She is so cute and I like her. It's just that she ended up with Tom after he exposed his real craziness! What does Glib mean anyway?
  4. I want that bag!!!
  5. I remember Katie Holmes (pre tom Cruise) she was so wholesome and not all that stylish. I like her look (and most of what she wears now) but she seems somewhat different! It is apparent that Tom Cruise has definitely been an influence on how she dresses and acts and she probably has matured too.
  6. she looks really great..i really like her :smile:
  7. is shopping all she does now?
  8. She looks so classy and i simply adore that bag!:heart::heart:
  9. i REALLY REALLY LOVE that bag! :drool:
  10. she looks OK ... her bad is TDF
  11. she deserves to shop, she has to put up with the weird one ;)

    I too love her bag, and think she is a naturally pretty girl :smile:
  12. You sure can see where she is getting re-growth of hair at her hairline. Common after having a baby.
  13. would you blame her!?!