Katie not fit enough for Tom?

  1. What a jerk.
  2. hmm, do I find it believable that he could be such an ass...yes. But I don't necessarily believe this.
  3. I loved the comment that she could lose 180 lbs. quickly if she would drop Tom!!! Lol!~

    Lest we forget- he has been married twice before. Mimi Rogers career was pretty much gone after she married him, and just look at Nichole Kidman since they broke up! I'm not sure that I would give it all up for his "magnetic personality"...
  4. :yucky: This better not be true:yucky:
  5. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  6. If this is true, poor Katie. Tom should just accpet her as she is. Well, maybe Katie is asking Tom for help to loose the weight.
  7. Ditto.
  8. i believe in this article.Tom is totaly crazy, it's sad to say this but it's true, he changed a lot.

    And Katie seems to me a "little girl" with no personality, because she is a woman and she should have the courage to stop this!
  9. I think she needs to get a life and drop tommy.
  10. Highly doubt this whole thing
  11. I find this extremely unlikely.

    Chances are that Katie ASKED Tom to hire babysitters because SHE wanted to get in shape for her wedding (who wouldn't??) and then the media just took that and ran with it (like they always seem to do with these two).
  12. I know how she could lose an ugly 200 lbs very quickly....dump that a$$hole!!
  13. He is crazy!!! She is being groomed to be his "Stepford Wife"

    That is just crazy! But who is crazier him or her for being with him?
  14. HOnestly some of these things are so made up....I dont believe it.