Katie & Nicole Raising The Kids Together

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    Yes Nicole and Katie are large and in charge … sisters are doing it for themselves.

    Katie Holmes became stepmother to Nicole’s adopted children, Isabella and Conor, when she married Nicole’s ex-husband Tom Cruise, and both actresses worker together on how to handle their kids.​

    A source said: “Katie was having lunch with friends in Beverly Hills when Isabella rang her to talk to her about a party she was going to.​

    “Katie said, ‘That was Bella. She wants to wear a dress to a birthday party but I think it is much too grown up for her. But she says her mother approves. So I need to check with Nicole.’​

    Then after she’d made the call to Nicole she told her friends, ‘Nicole agrees with me. The dress is all wrong. The drama of it all! If I’ve learned one thing about teenagers, it’s that little things mean a lot.’ ​
  2. Oh that is so great to hear.I love that they are tallking to each other about kids and decisions.It shows that when it comes ot kids things should be discussed.And they both always striked me as cool persons so i am sure they get along.
  3. Its good that both Katie and Nicole are getting along and are working together to raise the kids! And imagine being given fashion advice from your fashion icon mother and step mother! Not too bad!!!
  4. That's cute. Katie looks gorgeous in that picture.
  5. I dont think there is too much of an age gap between Katie and Bella.
  6. LOL! I think you're right!

    What I still don't understand is why you never, ever see pictures of Nicole with the kids.:shrugs: I don't get it.
  7. Seriously!!
  8. That's a great relationship they are all having regarding the kids if it is true. I hope so.
    I have seen plenty of pics of Nic with the kids - maybe we see more of them here in Australia?? Aren't the kids with Tom/Katie at the moment? Don't they have a 6 month deal happening - kids with Nic for 6 months and then with Tom for 6 months?
  9. good story! But wow, that pic of Katie doesn't look anything like her!
  10. That picture of Kate is gorgeous. It's great that they are getting along but I know when I was a teenager, I would be up in arms if someone not that much older than me was telling me what to do.
  11. Sounds like a good approach....
  12. That is truly the only way to go for blended families to be successful! Kudos to these two women!
  13. She's a very private person unlike Tom so the paparazzi dont really ever catch Nicole with the kids and also, she gets the kids for 6 months and Tom gets the kids for 6 months.
  14. At least they are behaving like responsible mature adults. Great that Katie is consulting Nicole on her children.
  15. Awwwh that's rather sweet and mature, great to hear in Hollywood :biggrin: