Katie, Kate & Karl In Paris

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  2. They all look great. Karl is such a visionary. Katie's coat looks a little bit like a bathrobe though :shame: Either way she's dressing so much better now.
  3. That jacket is nasty, what was she thinking?
  4. I wish Mr. Lagerfeld would ditch the extremely high collared shirts, he looks like he's wearing an ortho collar...
  5. Karl Lagerfeld TOTALLY reminds me of Mike Meyers in his Sprockets skit from SNL. Same sucked in cheeks, perpetual pout, and more-superior-than-thou look.
  6. :lol: :upsidedown: So true! Lagerfeld needs a monkey! I loved Dieter and Sprockets!

  7. :yes: I see bathrobe too!
  8. I think he looks like a bobblehead. :yes:
  9. Hollywood is full of freaks.
  10. Katie is such a cutie, but what's she been hiding underneath all those massive long coats lately?
    Kate needs to be checked into rehab :sad:
  11. who the hell does miss former dawson creek think she is all of a sudden.aside from toms puppet?
  12. ?

    I don't understand? You have a problem w/ Katie Holmes?
  13. katie is soo cute .. btw how tall is she?

    kate looks sick ...
  14. I think Katie is 5'10" or 5'11". And "cute" is a good word to describe her. I'd NEVER think of her as beautiful, not even pretty.
  15. ACtually, she's only 5'8" or 5'9", just being around Tom makes her look taller, LOL!
    Nicole was a full inch taller than Katie.