Katie & Jesus Cruise @ The Mentor L A's Promise Gala

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  3. I am soooooo surprised that wearing heels has not been made a scientology sin.
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. Katie looks beautiful but sometimes I wonder exactly how controlling is Tom...

    She must live a really sad life if all the tabloid rumors are true
  6. Probably it's not a sin only when you're wearing that strange necklace that looks like some kind of a scientological medallion Katie has ;)

    But seriously she really looks great.
  7. I can't stop staring at her absolutely gorgeous hair!! She is stunning! And I wonder what it's like to be BFF with Posh?! Shopping must be fun!!
  8. One more photo
  9. she looks stunning IMO.
  10. Sometimes I wonder it too. Mostly after I read the crap that they're writing in all the tabloids but I think it's not true. She wouldn't be that stupid to let him control her life... right?
  11. I think Katie looks gorgeous. Even little Tom is looking stylishly dapper.
  12. yeah, maybe he's starting to lose some of that baby weight he was carrying too! LOL!
  13. Once again Katie looks truly Beautiful, so stylish and elegant!
    Fabulous pics Prada, thanks for posting.
  14. Another photo
  15. He really seems to adore her by the way he looks at her. I just wish he would stop dressing her like she's 50 years old! (she looks great but I think you KWIM...)