Katie is home! Get your puppy fix here :)

  1. As some of you may have been following we brought our golden retriever home this Saturday. She is a complete angel!! Really!!

    Katie is an amazing pup and not just because she is ours. She came to us 99% housebroken, is the most cuddly and cute dog, learned to play fetch already, sleeps 6 straight hours at night, and did I mention she is cute?

    She is still getting used to her collar and leash, doesn't really know her name yet, and especially wants to chew on metal and wood objects, and is a total escape artist! But that said she is an angel! I wanted to share pictures with you as promised!

    sm_DSCF2696.jpg sm_DSCF2698.jpg

    sm_DSCF2699.jpg sm_DSCF2712.jpg

  2. Adorable!
  3. oh she is so lovely! aw, i want a puppy. I'm always out though, so I cant get one.
  4. aww!!! What a cute little ball of fluffyness. Lucky you!
  5. so cute!
  6. Sooooooooooo soooooo cute! She's a beautiful little poof :smile:
  7. I want Katie! She's soooo precious! :heart:
  8. congrats on your new puppy! katie's absolutely adorable and she sounds so well behaved :tup:. i've had my dog for years now, and even now, every day i get home and look at her and wonder how she could be so cute and adorable and loveable even though she's a little menace :smile:. i'm sure katie will bring you years and years of joy :heart:
  9. OMG katie is so adorable.
  10. that last pic of her and the rope toy is the best!

    if you can post a video of her walking or hopping, i would be thrilled! i don't think there is anything better than the 'puppy hop' or when they walk around and can't quite figure out how to do it, and end up loping around like a bunny or a kangaroo!!
  11. Thank you so much for the cheers of cuteness and good wishes!! I am really very much looking forward to tons of smiles with her and following her example of loving so much!

    For those of you who want a little more I am starting a blog called The Darn Blog. It can be found in my signature and here: http://nothingtosee.vox.com/

    I will be posting videos just as soon as she can do something cute that I catch on video (hopefully tonight)! And, jandelvis I know exactly what you mean and its the cutest most adorable thing ever!
  12. She is sooo cute - I just want to reach out and hug her! Congratulations on your new addition!
  13. OMG!! Keep your doors locked, I am coming to steal that cute little ball of fluff away from you! She is adorable :p
  14. ^^ omigosh, she's precious!!! :tender:
  15. Your pics are melting my heart, she is so sweet!