Katie Holmes's Hello Kitty Bag?

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  1. Can anyone tell me where to get this adorable Hello Kitty bag? I NEED this bag! TIA! :smile:


  2. aw!!suppper cute!
  3. That is a cute bag. Is she pregnant?
  4. Not sure about Katie Holmes' bag but I'm pretty sure you can find similar ones if there's a Sanrio boutique around where you live. Some places it's called the "Sanrio Gift Gate". They have the cutest bags! Good luck! :smile:
  5. I hope to ID the same bag because it's really funny!
  6. It's a LV speedy inspired bag..not liking it =\
  7. Eh, it may be shaped by an LV Speedy, but whatever, it looks like it belongs to Suri, so I give them a pass. I don't think that's a big deal.

    I'm an adult, and I want it. Haha. Check out a Sanrio store.
  8. I"m betting it belongs to Suri, I cant see Katie carrying that as her day bag:P ButI have seem similar at the Sanrio store.

  9. they also could be by Repetto, but I think in this case you can buy any classic style ballet flat
  10. That particular HK line/collection has been out for a while now. If it is still selling, it will be at an outlet or one of those Japanese specialty toy stores. Most Sanrio stores will have sold out of that by now. I would say it is at least 3 years old.