Katie Holmes

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  1. she is beautiful
  2. I thought we saw these{?}

    She's beautiful, but are these the same as the ones directed by VB?
  3. She looks great
  4. I really love them all...gorgeous.
  5. pretty, but so bored with her now. She lost appeal to me after marrying TC.
  6. too serious, need some levity
  7. ITA:yes:
  8. Love her in red!
  9. I've never thought she was especially pretty. Sorry.
  10. She looks gorgeous! I like.
  11. She looks stunning!
  12. :shrugs:
  13. I don't like the 2nd picture. It looked like she forgot to wear her contact lenses.
  14. Ahhh!She is so pretty!I love her!