katie holmes

  1. personally, I love her new style. and I am actually considering cutting my hair like hers. I'm just wondering if its too posh for me. So what do you think? Would you ever cut your hair like hers?
  2. i was going to...but my hair is naturally curly so it would be a hard upkeep for me..if my hair was straight i would do it in a heartbeat!
  3. Go for it! If you think it would suit your face too, why not? Hair always grows back...
  4. i wanted to, but my hair's too fine and thin for the style. i say go for it!!!
  5. Does she have a bob cut?
  6. I'd love, too, but my hair is fine. I don't think it will work for me.
  7. I wore my hair like that back in college. It was very easy to take care of and I am now trying to grow it out to a chin length blunt cut (not sure if I will do bangs?). It's always nice to change your cut/style. I still have friends in their 40's who wear their hair just like high school and it is not pretty......but in their minds they actually think they look young....
  8. I would love to have that cute little haircut with bangs. The only thing holding me back is that my hair might be too thin.
  9. I love her hair..I would totally do it but I grew my hair out and don't want to cut it short so soon. I want to keep it at this length, it is a few inches below my shoulders.
  10. I love it on her and think it's her best 'do thus far. Personally, I wouldn't get that cut because I can't get go of my long hair. That, and my face just wouldn't go well with that kind of style.
  11. I am so biased - I adore Katie's haircut and have been recommending it non stop to anyone who will listen! I'm doing it on the 29th of January and I'm taking in her most recent spread from InStyle magazine as a guide... so do it and we can be twins YAY!
  12. I have her hair, unintentionally. It's working pretty well for me, but you have to be prepared to wash and blowdry every morning to get the style. There's no way your hair will stay like hers for over a day.

    If you do get it, and you find one morning you wake up with no time to do your hair, do this:
    Get a small barreled curling iron, curl the ends of your hair out in a flick. Back comb top at the back to create some volume, and run a bit of wax through it. It's a quick fix that doesn't look amazing, but will look better than the 'I just woke up and my hair is as flat as a pancake' look.
  13. I love her look and I'd love to cut it that short but for me I know my face wouldn't suit it as much. My hair is quite wavy and I just prefer the longer hair trends for me.
  14. I kind of had a version of this cut when I was in high school. My hair is wavy and fine, but I have LOTS of it. It actually behaved pretty well cut like Katie's-- I could usually let it air dry and just put some product in it. It wasn't as straight as hers, but it looked cute.
  15. I might go ahead with it! IF i do I will def put pictures up. I have really fine and straight hair...so I'm a little worried. i_wona and helium PLEASE put pictures up!! I would love to see it