Katie Holmes

  1. Hmm.....kind of cements it since they bought their own sonogram machine so they can do them at home.....
  2. I wonder if this is one of those cases where the pregnancy is "imagined"? I've read stories about this ... where a woman will convince herself that she is pregnant, when in fact they aren't. There is a medical term for this (yes I know - nuts!). Seriously though, there have been a number of cases like this.
  3. 'Pseudocyesis', you're right. Although, from the looks of those pictures, she's not always imagining it very hard.
  4. Hahaha so true!
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Yes, that is a bit strange.:weird:
  6. The bump looks bigger today!
  7. HA HA, something is going on in HOLLYWOOD! Does anyone know the date she announced she was pregs??? to me it seems like she's been pregs for a long time now....
  8. She must have remembered the right cushion this time. And, on a side note, I hope that's decaff she's drinking.
  9. Yeah ... what is up with that?!??! Have you noticed the same ... a lot of these pregnant Celebs are still drinking Coffee like mad (hope it is decaf). Also hope that they have stopped the smoking habit too!
  10. I most loved the story where she and Tom turned up to a restaurant (within the last week!) on a motorbike! Can you believe that - she's meant to be 6 months pregnant, and she's riding on a motorbike. Unreal!
  11. Me too, or before long that baby will be jacked up jumping on couches just like its "daddy" :p
  12. Well, she's a tall girl and it's her first child. Pregnacy isn't always particularly obvious on some tall women and depending on what she wears it'll show differently. My six feet tall friend didn't get a noticeable bump until month seven. Whole different matter with her second though...
  13. I can buy that the bump changes depending on what she wears-with her frame (and tom being so short), I really wouldn't expect her to show until the last 3 trimester, depending on the size of the baby. BUT is that her belly button in the Oct 8th pic? That shouldn't happen until the last few months. I'm no expert or anything, but I do work with pregnant girls all day.
  14. maybe she's wearing shapewear...that is so weird.
  15. I was contacted by a reader wondering the designer of this bag. Can anyone help?