Katie Holmes style...

  1. I like her style (although she has been wearing alot of black lately!!) but was wondering about her handbags...good taste on those..:p Does anyone know whose handbag she wears...i really like a couple of them...the black one she had while Christmas shopping and last year had a nice brown bag with purple trim...can anyone direct me where to look:wlae:
    Thanks bunches!
  2. If you post pictures, we can help ! :graucho:
  3. I wish i could...i'm not too good with the computer so i'm not sure how to:confused1:
  4. I remembered last year she used to carried Isabella FIore handbags and it was sold out everywhere.
  5. she used to carry a lot of marc jacobs too. i remember her with a large chloe too.
  6. I don't know about the current bag (almost looks like a Prada), but the bag with the brown canvas and purple alligator straps was last year's Prada.
  7. I haven't seen any pics of her carrying Prada bags but I remember one of the fashion leading magazines was talking about how she likes to stop at Prada often.
  8. her style is getting better by the day, she is getting a lot more help by great designers, i.e. Marc Jacobs, Armani and anyone she wants... Lucky her
  9. She dresses older for her age... but she is with a kinda :wacko: older man

  10. ahahahah LOL megs!! I couldnt have agreed more!
  11. I think the clothes wear her and she is not exactly wearing the clothes. She lacks the attitude and condfidence. I think one of our PFers had it right when they said it looks like she is playing dress up in her Mommy's closet.
  12. I like her.
  13. I like the new clothes, but I dont think she would be dressing/acting the way she does if she wasnt with tom cruise. It seemes she met him and went from an early 20something to a mid-thirties type.

  14. I agree ... this reminds me of one of my friends.... She lost her personality but she's marrying well, so....