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    Don't know what to think about Suri. Is she just a victim of piss-poor Scientology parenting? Or fear of all the cameras staring her in the face wherever she goes? I'm so damn tired of seeing a child her age carried around, her legs wrapped around Mommy or Daddy, her face buried within a teddy.

    This is not a normal childhood, and never mind zoo and ice cream parlor visits, that pathetic little rich girl is going to make a number of psychiatrists very happy and very rich - over decades. I'd hate to be her nanny - judging from the expression on that brat's face the majority of the time, she's a giant pain in the ***.
  2. ^^ Actually, I see more fear in this child's face then I do spoiled. The constant carrying of this child is annoying but it is a ploy to prevent kidnapping. Let's face it. Some psycho can wisk her up in seconds and fly off in a car. As for the stuffed animals, I get the impression they are to shield her face from the press and act as a security blanket for her. I think with the help of her mother and her grandparents straightening things out, she will be fine one day.
  3. Have you seen the number of paparrazi who hound this child every second she is out in public?

    I used the think the same thing you did (i.e. What's wrong with her? Why can't she walk like a normal child?) until I happen to watch a youtube video about Suri and it showed her walking into their building w/her mom. Just a regular day, no special event. There must have been 20+ paps snapping their cameras, in this child's face the entire time, yelling at her. I can't imagine my child living that kind of life, from the moment of her birth.

    Here's just one example of many of them going out for ice cream. You can hear the paps getting annoyed that Suri has a stuffed animal in her front of her face so they can't get a good shot.


    If I were in this situation, I would be carrying my child too, telling her to bury her face in a stuffed animal to foil the vultures (a.k.a. paparazzi) from getting a good shot.

    Have people forgotten what happened to Princess Diana? Like the paps are the good guys now? Tom and Katie are adults and made a conscious decision to be in the public eye. Suri, on the other hand, did not ask to be born into this:

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    You make an excellent point. Thank you for that.

    We are often accustomed to looking a things from a particular viewpoint, so being offered another one is a very good thing. The poor kid must be horrified, and watching a video is so much different from a still photo. I'm beginning to understand the girl's desire to be carried and held close and protected from all the flashes. Poor kid.

    Again, thank you for providing the links. They were enlightening. Another lesson in why I shouldn't be so judgmental at times.
  5. Wow. That is eye-opening. I had no idea it was that bad.

    I remember reading an interview a few years ago with Brad Pitt, and they asked him why he was always carrying one of the kids he and Angelina have. I don't remember exactly what he said, but his reaction was like, Are you kidding me? he clearly carried the kids for their own protection, and Katie is doing the same thing with Suri. I love that Suri yells at the paparazzi to stop taking pictures -- you go, girl!
  6. Makes me wonder why these parents don't make different career choices to preserve the mental health of their children. This is beyond insane and I would do everything I could to not subject a child of mine to that.
  7. ^OR there can be a law that does not allow such paps to be so close to the celebrities to avoid accidents like Princess Diana.

  8. I remember seeing a video of Brad thanking the paps for staying across the street. He was with all his kids, and he has 6, so it's not like he can carry all of them. You can tell he's very protective. Like ok take your pictures but please don't come close to my kids bc I'm sure it does scare and freak them out. No parent would want their kids to be scared. Once when I was in Disney World with my kids, we were on line for some show and it seem like everyone in the world was on that line. When the theater opened and ppl were piling in, I just picked up my 6 yr old. As hard as I clutched onto her hand, I didn't want to be accidentally separated. When there is a mob of ppl, I think parents just instinctly pick up their child out of protection. I feel really bad for the celebrities' kids.
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  13. I really think this breakup with Tom is going to do Katie and Suri so well - she looks calmer already and her style looks just laid back, similar to how she is feeling!
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