Katie Holmes Style Thread

  1. i think tom cruise bought them for her and included a calendar with what days to wear them
  2. /\ Lmao. :biggrin:
  3. I can't see her wearing any bags :P, lol, now srly, why wont she carry her bags? I thought the first bag was a blanket or something...

    Anyway, no clue who makes them. Hope someone can help ;)
  4. bump
  5. I'm looking for her dress..
    does someone know the brand?

  6. lanvin?
  7. do you think?
    from wich collection?
  8. looks like what's currently in the stores: spring/summer. wish we could see more of the dress to be sure.
  9. Katie dress is Lanvin Fall 2008 90% sure. Shoes can't help you!:flowers:
  10. I've looked the fall and prefall collection, but I can't find the exact dress..
    thanks anyway..
  11. :lol:
  12. http://justjared.buzznet.com/2009/04/26/katie-holmes-independent-feature-project/

    The 30-year-old actress looked fabulous at the event, pairing her Alexander McQueen silk halter top with matching pants. She finished off her look with a fierce pair of Givenchy sandals.

    her shoes are this

    can someone help to to find the pics of the top/pants?