Katie Holmes Shopping at MJ Store

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  1. I wonder what she bought...

    bag.lover - Isn't that Stella, your SA, in the 2nd pic? :P




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  2. My gosh...great pics. Love her shoes too...She looks reslly good don't you think? Which MJ is this? mags
  3. Stella's in the picture, how did you know? =) Oh, she doesn't have tattoos on her arms.

    She's very nice, sweet, and helpful, I am glad I met her. =)

  4. Marc Jacobs boutique on Melrose Pl (Los Angeles, California). =)
  5. It just amazes me how she is always photographed shopping, but NEVER with her daughter (or stepkids for that matter). I have 4 kids (I realize I'm not famous), but I always have my kids with me......I can't imagine because of being famous you're never with your kid/s?

    Just an observation! :shame:
  6. why does she have that weird clenched look on her face in every single pic?? relax...you're in a happy place!
  7. I think she looks great!

  8. LOL! You're so right shoppingsmycard!! I'm also amazed at the "no big deal" look on the SA's faces...I guess they're just used to it. I don't think I could ever be. :P

  9. The tattoos cued me in! :P I remember those pics you posted of her modeling bags.
  10. This is the 1st time Stella's in the pictures. =) I don't remember seeing the employee with the tattoos, I don't know who she is. I met the other 2 SAs in the pictures though. =)
  11. Oh! So the tatooed girl is not Stella? If not, which one is Stella?
  12. I would love to see more family pics but I get the try to have a normal life for them thing. I went to a really nice store once with my three and the sales people were horrified because my kids laughed and made noise. I didn't take them there again because they were so unkind to my kids. maggie
  13. She looks so gaunt!

    I think she's really pretty, but it just amazes me how fast these pregnant celebrities lose their baby weight!

    And sorry, but wearing sunglasses indoors is one of my pet peeves:smile:
  14. I get stares and disapproving looks quite a bit when we take our 4 kids on Rodeo Drive for some shopping. I let them stare and gawk, I figure I have just as much right as anybody else shopping (I mean come on, people take their DOGS in high end stores). My kids are well behaved and no how to act appropriately. We go to S.F. Union Square quite a bit and it's funny to see peoples reactions to us shopping with 4 kids. It used to really bother me, but now I just smile and keep walking. On the other hand I would rather be WITH my kids than then at home with some nanny while I'm shopping and enjoying myself......I had kids so they could be with me!! :yes:

    Sorry, but this just hit a nerve with me, I often wonder why "stars" have kids if they are always left with the nanny.....KWIM??:shrugs:
  15. I wish we had a close up of her wedding band....I'm curious to see!