Katie Holmes PRADA purse

  1. Ok where do i get this bag! There is a pic of her leaving Berlin and she is carrying a brown prada with zippers around it...it looks like...HELP![​IMG]
  2. Can you help us out with a picture?
  3. Try calling your nearest PRada store
  4. Thats the zipper bag (not sure if thats the correct name tho), that I posted about and Jill has posted quite a few pics on. Try a search and those threads should pop up. You should be able to find it in Prada.
  5. Look above in the Celebrities And Their Prada/miu Miu Bags..post Pics Here! thread.
    post #217 is that it?
  6. More info here in this thread Katie Holmes Prada Bag???
    Just do a thread search.
    Members have said it was available at NM and of course Prada.
  7. They have it in black and a degrade grey at Prada in NYC. The black was $1390 (I think). Jill has pics of the degrade pink one with the plate - that one is $2300 and reportedly is quite heavy.