Katie Holmes' MJ Bag?

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  1. I've seen it in black at Nordstroms (and recently, too).
  2. looks like the elise.
    i can't find any pictures of it done in his regular leather- everything is patent leather now!
  3. This is actually the subject of another post. The KH bag is the Marc Jacobs "Marina" bag which is on his website at www.marcjacobs.com.
    It is part of his 2005 "cruise" line collection. They had it at Nordstroms not too long ago, but I think it was left over from a previous season. It is lined with off-white canvas and there is no top zipper. The satchel closes when you hold the two handles, but has no closure.
    The Elise bag is a top zip bag modeled after the LV "Alma" and is smaller.
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