Katie Holmes & Jesus Cruise Leaving Their Hotel In Miami

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  2. I guess we all have to nag sometimes ;)
  3. Oh i think she looks lovely but i would never thought she would wear that kind of outfit!
  4. ^^^^ I think she looks cute, but it's so not her style. Although I hope it means she finally starts to wear something appropriate for her age and not for someone much older.
  5. I agree Karo, she can do so better than that ! lord know's she has the cash.
  6. I am so over both of them, all of them, each one of them... Now, it's like watching a trainwreck that's waiting to happen.
  7. I think she looks just fine
  8. I think she looks great - she looks tan, healthy, and happy!! To be honest, I wish I could be that happy and radiant all the time.
  9. mmmm very disappointing, so right Prada, she has the cash to do better!
  10. Love her..he creeps me out :O
  11. Jesus Cruise :roflmfao:
  12. Can't stand either of them, not worth the thread!
  13. It is pretty hot here to be in all black :shrugs: Granted it is winter, but not that cold- and the black is so drab
  14. She is pretty though..
  15. she looks pretty mad at him...maybe the vitamins are wearing off