Katie Holmes in Hermes RTW

  1. Saw on the 'TomKat' celebrity thread that Katie Holmes wears H in her InStyle shoot for this month! So if anybody is interested, check it out!
  2. Wow, love the look!

    Thanks for posting
  3. OMG. She's trying SO HARD to be VB. I wish she could work with a stylist or someone to develop her own persona. Then again, she's so young, and so under Tom's thumb.

    I really can't stand a woman with no character. She's the modern day trophy wife/ puppet. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally for women marrying rich, I just hope she can have a spine too.
  4. It's so funny to see KH in magazines as a fashion icon! Remember when Nicole was in all of them too? Also when she was married to Tom...hmm. boy knows how to put a girl in clothes!

    Did anyone see that silver outfit Nicole wore to one the "Golden Compass" premieres? Ouch.

    That's a nice pic of Katie Holmes and I do like to see more of the "H" RTW!
  5. Grand Latte, there's very little I may add to your :yes:words^^^except for what is there for her to do now really? It's all in her nuptials...It's sad to look at what she's like these days: so not her :nogood: and no current magazine shoot will convince me otherwise.
  6. Katie looks like a little girl playing dress up.
  7. MIAOW!!!

    Can't we just admire the clothes??

    Personally, I don't care who's styled her, but she looks ravishing. I wouldn't mind if I woke up one morning and looked like her pre-wardrobe-and-make-up self. She seems to have more grace and poise in her little finger than most women in the spotlight, so I'm glad to see her sporting Hermes!
  8. She does look fab, but also do suspect that it is heavily influenced by Tom...
  9. Wow... well, he's got good taste. :yes:
  10. I think she is looking fabulous in recent photos.
  11. I think she looks fabulous. Aren't women allowed to change their style if they so choose? Also, I don't think she looks at all like VB - quite frankly, the only thing I like about VB's style is her Birkins.

    Also, I would not complain if I looked like Katie.
  12. I love it!!! beautiful!!!
  13. Well what eles is she suppose to look like. She is the wife of a world famous movie star. She rubs elbows with all the high profile stars and Nicole Kidman is her husband's ex wife who eludes old hollywood glamour. If she looked like she used to, everyone would ridicule he for looking dowdy and plain....She trying to be glamourous and I think she doing a good job.
  14. We do, we do :lol:!!! Hermes clothes do look great and on KH in this shoot in particular. It goes without saying. But how can someone like me resist to stick my snake tongue out and say out loud what's on my mind? It's this heavy duty styling they're trying to pass for the real thing that makes me go :blah:. I would prefer to see her more like another KH, Kate Hudson in her Hermes, iKWIM? :yes:.
  15. Oh, I think she looks fabulous. I wish I could carry off that look but I think I'm too short for those trousers...
    Looks like just effortless chic to me.