Katie Holmes: In France with Suri!

  1. soooo sweet :heart:

  2. Suri always wears the cutest clothes!
  3. aww Suri is so cute! and growing up so fast!
  4. suri is such a cutie.
  5. very cute!
  6. Those are adorable pictures!
  7. Wow they both look so beautiful, Katie is so elegant always and Suri is such a doll!
    Tom is a lucky man!
  8. Suri is just too cute!
  9. ***XCLUSIVE: Katie Takes A Tumble!***

    Unfortunately, Katie and Suri's idyllic Parisian vacation was interrupted by a moment of terror when Katie twisted her ankle and fell - with Suri in her arms! Luckily, one of Katie's bodyguards acted quickly to ensure Suri's safety; Katie, meanwhile, wasn't so lucky, and suffered a skinned knee. The pair didn't seem any worse for wear, quickly resuming their mother-daughter bonding exercise but it was touch and go for a minute.
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  10. Cute pictures!
  11. Suri looks adorable!
  12. Lovely pics...poor Katie. Tough to look pretty all the time and keep up in heels.
  13. I think Katie is always so stunning!!! And Suri is a doll!

    P.S. Sunset, I love your city!! My husband and I were there on our honeymoon 4 years ago and loved it! We hope to be back someday!
  14. Katie is wearing 2 different pairs of shoes.
  15. awww, they look adorable! Both of them look beautiful!