Katie Holmes' bag?

  1. I don't think anyone has asked about this bag-I did a quick check for 'ID this bag' & didn't see it so forgive me if this one has been IDed already. I can't tell much about it, except that it doesn't look too huge & that's what appeals to me. That & the fact that its black! :p

  2. I remember coming across that bag when looking for my Furla Yolande. I never knew that was the bag that Katie has been carrying for some time. It's a gorgeous bag! The black one is sold out so it can be hard to find, eBay might have it.

    Otherwise, Furla has some other similar designs that might interest you. Right now, the Carmen croc satchel comes to mind. It comes in a few different sizes so you'll most likely find one that suits you. ;)
  3. Thanks! I'll definitely keep an eye-out on eBay!
  4. It's gorgeous!!!! She has some nice bags!!
  5. ^^^Reported. This person has been scamming all over the forum.
  6. I know! I've been reporting her all day. She even has the huevos to reply to people's complaints about her!
  7. PS. That Armani bag is really gorgeous!! Wish I could find it, too. :smile:

  8. Who are you guys reporting or talking about? I hope I didn't do anything to p*ss anyone off... :confused1:
  9. I think the posts they were complaining about were removed, I'm sure they weren't complaining about you:smile:.
  10. That is a really cute bag!
  11. I really like it!!! I've seen a couple of more pix of it since I first posted & it is really appealing to me!

    Now I just need to do a little 'creative financing' to find out if it could be mine! :p