Katie Holmes Bag. Please HELP ID

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I don't know, but how CUTE are the two of them!! That Suri has grown into such a beautiful little tot, and Katie's always been beautiful.
  3. Balenciaga Whistle
  4. No idea. I love her shoes in that picture.

    And I agree, Suri looks so adorable!
  5. I thought it looked Balenciaga-ish, but that's about all I knew. *L*
  6. Suri is such an adorable little girl. Katie is always stylish and pretty. What a lovely pair of mother and daughter!
  7. i like her shoes :smile:
  8. I am so glad you asked about this bag; I was going to do the same :p
    It def looks like it could be a Balenciaga, but if you don't want to spend that much money, I think it looks a lot like a Rebecca Minkoff Matinee bag (been drooling over that one!)
  9. What an adorable little girl!!!! Suri just keeps on getting cuter! I love Katie's new look as well.
  10. thanks guys, i knew one of you girls would help me out
  11. They do look amazing. Still don't think much to Tom Cruise or her marrying him but the other picture of Suri 'hooraying' today was so adorable! I love how Katie Holmes is proving you can be 'Hollywood' without showing your panties or driving drunk.
  12. Wow, I'm so bad at IDing bags. I was thinking the bag might have been Rebecca Minkoff's Matinee. LOL But who am I kidding to think Mrs. Cruise would be carrying that.

    Suri is adorable! One of my favorite celeb babies. :biggrin:
  13. Yeah, I thought for sure it was a RM. A B-bag makes more sense though!