Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise arrive in NYC

  1. Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes stop traffic in New York's Chelsea neighborhood as they roll into town on Thursday to attend the actor's 9/11 Detox Fund-Raiser. Money raised at the $6,200-a-plate gala dinner will go to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, a Scientology-based program Cruise cofounded in 2002 to help 9/11 emergency workers.

    She looks really great.

    While the second picture was taken when they dined at Wolfgang Puck's Cut at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons on Monday.
    tom_cruise.jpg Ton&Katie.jpg tom&katie1.jpg tom&katie3.jpg tom&katie2.jpg
  2. Katie Holmes' Fashion Metamorphosis
  3. He really needs to do something with his hair. It looks odd lately. Katie looks great though.
  4. They look great. They must really like "Cut", they've been there a lot lately.
  5. They look GREAT!!!
  6. she's a gorgeous gal. . . but he looks feminine to me here. Anyone else?
  7. I think they look super cute together...not digging Tom's hair though...but they both look happy!!
  8. Tom is so weird, he isn't normal!

    i think Katie uses to much make up for someone not old, and she has a pretty face.and of course she always choose outffits for someone older, she should wear something more indicate for her age, not something so formal.
  9. Katie is very pretty and she really puts herself together!

  10. Katie looks good.
  11. YES! Exactly what I thought! Tom's probably so competitive he doesn't want Katie to be prettier!:upsidedown:

    Forgot to check the box: But this is a reply to swanky's post!
  12. its odd, you dont really notice him any more! all eyes are drawn to the lovely Katie

    hee hee, he must feel like Prince Charles used to when Diana become a swan ;)
  13. Aww. They're cute. She's so tall and hes so small.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]

    He looks gay.
  15. Is it me, or is he looking younger?!