Katie Holmes and her backwards Kelly

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  1. [​IMG]

    There are alot of pictures of her carrying the Kelly like this, on different days. I think she is carrying it that way on purpose, no big deal- it's her purse and she can carry it how she wants. I just haven't seen anyone be so determined to carry it that way before. Wouldn't you worry about excess rubbing on the flap or hardware? I don't know. Maybe I'm wierd. Just wondering what everyone else thinks.
  2. Its a Kelly Briefcase and i doubt she is carrying it like that on purposue, more like she is just exiting cars.etc and not to concerned with how she holds it,lol.
  3. its a briefcase....
  4. [​IMG]

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    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    Ok, it's a brief case, but I was just curious about why she turns it in.:smile: because this is over at least 5 different days that she is shown like this. I've always been a fan of hers, by the way.
  6. [​IMG]

  7. From that first pic it really looked like a sac a depeche. Huh. Maybe she's not trying to get as much attention with her new bag as her ginormous Birkin did... Classy bag.
  8. i like her casual look lately.....and yes, thats a briefcase.
  9. She prolly carries it backwards bc it's easier to get papers and documents out. I think it's more out of convenience and not from being worried about scratching the hardware since her briefcase already has a huge scratch on the back anyways.
  10. Occasionally I find myself carrying my bags that way in busy streets or the subway too. I'm just afraid the hardware will scratch someone as they push past me (or their watches & jewelry will scratch the front of my bag :P)
  11. What difference does it make which way someone carries his or her bags?
    I always seem to carry all of my bags backwards. I didn't know it was not the "done thing." DH always scolds me for carrying backwards, but I don't like to flaunt or show off, so maybe that's why I do it.
  12. Perhaps because the clasp would be facing you when you went to open it?
  13. It was reported in the UK press that Katie Holmes was making an effort to dress down and not flaunt her wealth in front of other cast members. She has taken a massive paycut for her latest role and was "just trying to fit in" so maybe this is why she is carrying it back to front?
  14. I do carry my bags facing in, from time to time too. Especially when I want to be more discreet.
  15. No difference....we just love to discuss the nuances. I carry my kelly both ways, like Katie when I am out and about and do not want to snag anything or anyone.

    I carry it HW out when i am making a grand entrance, :P LOL, like in a restaurant....I like the look of the HW out, but I feel sometimes must protect the public from the HW. :lol: