Katie Has Tom, and now, Chris has Ginnifer!

  1. Chris Klein and Katie Holmes used to date (they were engaged at one point). Then they broke up.

    Katie Holmes dated, and then married, Tom Cruise, thus forming TomKat.

    Now Chris Klein is dating Ginnifer Goodwin. (She plays Margie, the youngest of Bill Paxton's wives on the show Big Love. She was also in Mona Lisa Smile and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!)


  2. She was also Vivian in Walk the Line..she's so pretty! :biggrin:
  3. Yeah, I forgot about Walk The Line! That was a good movie and she was great in it!
  4. I really like Chris! And totally not like Katie...!
  5. in the pic of her in the red dress she looks a lot like katie.
  6. True! They make a cute couple!
  7. I like ginnifer in big love. She really does look a lot like katie.
  8. They are a cute couple.
  9. LOL yeah I saw that on Go Fug Yourself, creeeepy
  10. I so agree. I used to like Chris Klein but after reading some interviews, I think he's an egotistical punk. Ginnifer looks like she has more going for her.
  11. Why does Chris Klein always look so made up?
  12. Ahhh.... that's why she looks sooo familiar...

    Chris is such a cutie!
  13. She looks like Kate!
  14. Part of me thinks he gave interviews like that because he was heartbroken. He and Katie were engaged. They looked like the perfect prom king and queen couple. And then all of a sudden, Katie didn't want that anymore.

    I'm not saying it's okay to trash your exes in interviews, but I can't blame him for being hurt.
  15. chris is such a cutie.. and gennie looks like katie :yes: