Katie has a dress... Wedding that is

  1. Katie Holmes: I Have My Wedding Dress

    WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 11, 2006 04:20PM EST
    Holmes in Paris on Oct. 7[​IMG] Katie Holmes did a lot of shopping on her recent jaunt around Paris, but there's one item she has crossed off her list – a wedding gown.

    "I already have my dress," Holmes, who is engaged to Tom Cruise, told PEOPLE while touring the City of Light.

    That didn't stop her from finding plenty of other items to indulge in. The actress, along with pal Victoria Beckham, hit three fashion week shows and did some serious damage at the city's famous shops. "I've been shopping all day," Holmes told PEOPLE on Friday. "They have beautiful things for babies here."

    Indeed, the new mom scooped up pink finery at Baby Tuileries – and for Mom, eight pairs of Roger Vivier shoes, which start at $650.

    Paris is a special place for Holmes, 27, who accepted Cruise's marriage proposal atop the Eiffel Tower in June 2005. This time, though, she left her fiancé and baby daughter Suri at home in Los Angeles and flew to Paris for a rendezvous with Beckham, who had "suggested a girls' break," according to a friend.

    While there she also attended a party for Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld and joined Beckham to visit the showroom of designer Giambattista Valli, where Holmes chose a dress to wear to his show. "She's so tall, but very thin," said a source at Valli. "She fit into the sample size perfectly."

    On Saturday, Holmes headed to Lake Como, Italy, perhaps to scout out wedding destinations. A date for the wedding is still unknown.
  2. To be honest with you It is hard for me to imagine how a mother can leave her baby behind even if she is with her father. It is just plain weird for me to see that such a young baby is without the mother. I have never seen that before!!
  3. I mean... he's the baby's father. Not the gardener. But I hear you...

    On the other hand, as far as her dress goes, I don't know whether to give congratulations or condolences.
  4. I guess she'll wear Chanel?

    I wonder what Nic thinks of her going around with Karl?
    maybe after her job? :popcorn: the drama continues:rolleyes:
  5. Is her friendship with Vickie a "new" thing? I don't think i've ever heard of them being linked before she was with Tom? Also are Becks and Vickie scientologists?
  6. Good for her....I hope she is happy...thats all that matters..
  7. i wish her the best, but i highly doubt it since she's with tom.

  8. Tom's been trying to convert Becks for a while now. Scientologists go after people with lots of money, so basically getting Becks and Posh would be a dream come true for them. I really hope Becks and Posh (and their accountants!) have more common sense than to fall for it.
  9. Poor Katie!!
  10. I wish her the best.. who knows she might find the happiness she is looking for.. she deserve to be happy :smile:

  11. i totally agree with you.My God the baby hasn't yet a year, and everyone knows that father can't never subsitute a father in this fase.

    And what i think about this friendship between this two ladies?

    just to get attention, nothing more
  12. Really? The baby is not that young, about 7 months, and it was not that long. I think it's really healthy for a little break now and then. Good for mom, good for father/daughter bonding...

    Beside women are always complaining men don't know how to help with the kids...this is the way you start.

    really a win-win IMO.
  13. Maybe she needs a break from Tom too?
  14. I hate to sound judgmental and all, but I just think it's sad that she couldn't have had the wedding BEFORE the baby! Call me old-fashioned but...

    Plus, she bred with a nutcase like Tom Cruise. He's cute, but awfully weird. Good luck to Katie and the kid.
  15. I don't see anything wrong with her leaving to go for a few days to Paris for shopping! Even parents with infants need a break here and there and from Tom perhaps?!