Katie had a girl!!!!

  1. 7 pounds - somethng - I think the name was pronounced "Surrey"have no idea how they spelled it. Okay, so now we can move on.
  2. They named her Suri, it means "princess" :amuse: or "red rose"
  3. 7 lbs? and she was that big? do u think they're hiding another baby? LOL
  4. Gosh you won me I was about to post it
  5. Man....... glad that is over! PHEW!!
  6. Actually, I think that's quite pretty and certainly unique.
  7. The media is calling the new baby "Tomkitten" . . . I wish they would stop fusing names together for celebrity couples (and now their babies). Yeah, it was funny when they started with "Bennifer", but after that, it gets old. Phrases like "Brangelina", "Vaugniston," or "Tomkat" are starting to get on my nerves!
  8. 20 inches, 7lbs 7in named Suri.
  9. That's such a pretty name!
  10. how long do you think we will have to watch Tom, Katie and Suri on magazine covers now?!
  11. Pretty name! Hope mom and baby are healthy and doing well.
  12. That's a pretty name. I wonder how Katie is doing.
  13. Awwww! Finally! I love that name! I hope Katie is doing well. Hopefully she takes care of her baby better than Britney Spears takes care of her son.
  14. So i guess everything went well in the delivery room... Good for them. I'm glad.
  15. Me too. :lol:

    She had allllll that belly and only a 7lb baby?!! :huh: Oh well, glad its healthy. Hopefully Tom won't do anything any more strange than he's already done. :wacko: