Katie Couric's Pre Grammy Special....

Jun 14, 2006
I just gotta say Justin is HOT!!!!!! He is just so put together and grounded!

Katy Perry is a bit cuckoo but she is so well spoken and cute!!! I honestly thought she was going to be a loon along the lines of Amy Winehouse, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Lil Wayne...he was interesting. Katie asked him about being a role model and is he a good example on how people should live their lives, and he said "I am not an example for how people should live their lives, and he wouldnt set out to be an example". Then he said "If you need an example on how to live, then you shouldnt have been born"!! He then said I am a great role model for 2, you worry about yours, let them worry about theirs, and I got mine!! How true! I cracked up when he said he loves his weed hehe!

Lastly was Taylor Swift...she is adorable!!! What a cute girl, I really like her.

If ya have a chance to watch it, its a cute show. Even though Katie is totally copying Baba Wawa!
Haha yea I LOVE Wayne he is soo real! I loved how Wayne called Katie...Mrs. Katie!
*Learned a lot about Katy Perry she is wild but her parents were to back in their day but she still remember where she came from.
*Justin is just so funny and cool, I love the SNL skits! haha
Taylor Swift is confident and cool, not a fan of country but I like her!
*But if this wouldn't have come on then I wouldn't have even known the Grammy's was sunday!
Jun 14, 2006
^OMG his SNL skits are hysterical. Loved when he said Beyonce was hesitant doing it so he put his leotard on with a robe and went to B's dressing room and dropped his robe. She then said something like OMG I can only look at your face LOL

Made me wonder...oh smack me now...dirty thoughts LOL!!
Haha I guess we are the only ones that loved and saw the show! haha...you made me have thoughts to about Justin haha first I was thinking Beyonce was embarrassed but hmm...haha. I also liked the part when Katie asked Wayne did he think he was great and he was like I do and pointed to his smile haha soo cute!